Joel A. Sutherland

Author, Ghost Hunter, Barbarian Librarian

Haunted Canada


  • Winner, Hackmatack Children's Choice Award (Atlantic Canada)
  • Winner, OLA Silver Birch Award, Non-Fiction
  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre
With its first volume published in 2002, the Haunted Canada series is now an award-winning ten-book series with over 400,000 copies in print. Kids can't get enough of these spooky tales that allow them to learn about the eeriest corners of our country.

Haunted Canada 10

Even more chilling ghost stories from all across our spooky land. Moody black-and-white illustrations and photographs enhance the hauntingly eerie read.

  • In Victoria, British Columbia, the spirit of a killer haunts Fan Tan Alley.
  • The ghost of a little girl with long dark hair inhabits a hockey arena in Canmore, Alberta.
  • Mysterious knocking at the door of a home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, signals the start of a series of strange happenings.

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Haunted Canada: The Second Terrifying Collection

Abandoned hospitals, haunted hotels, supernatural sea creatures...

This collection of more than 100 creepy Canadian tales from across the country is guaranteed to make your blood run cold. Moody black-and-white illustrations and photographs appear throughout to add to the eerie feel.

This collection includes books 4 to 6 of the series.

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Haunted Canada 9

In these chilling tales, award-winning author Joel A. Sutherland takes his readers on a strange and spooky journey across Canada. In this installment, readers will learn about . . .

  • a spectral wagon master in Tofield, Alberta, who looks for workers to accompany him on his phantom wagon.
  • a travelling salesman from England who shares a room with a young artist one night in Kentville, Nova Scotia, only to discover the young man was a ghost.
  • the ghost of painter Tom Thomson, who paddles past a northern point on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario.

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Haunted Canada 8

In this eighth book of the best-selling series, Joel A. Sutherland brings together some of the most terrifying true stories from across the country.

  • A headless apparition haunts the railway tracks in Woodridge, Manitoba.
  • A ghostly spirit appears at sunrise, silently screaming on an outcrop of rocks in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, British Columbia.
  • The first general manager of the Halifax Club appears to diners in the very spot where he died in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Haunted Canada 7

The seventh book in the bestselling series of spooky true Canadian stories . . . read it with the lights on!

In this terrifying collection of all new haunted stories, author Joel A. Sutherland has put together the creepiest, most bone-chilling tales from coast to coast, including:

  • A river wraith that kills anyone who sets eyes upon it in Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan.
  • The ghost of a boy who plays pranks and terrifies theatre staff in the basement of the Centaur Theatre in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Supernatural, inexplicable encounters in deserted hallways and empty holding cells at Old City Hall in Toronto, Ontario.

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Haunted Canada 6

The sixth book in the bestselling series of hauntingly true Canadian stories - back, and scarier than ever!

For his brand-new story collection, author Joel A. Sutherland has scoured the country for more creepy and chilling tales. Get underneath the covers, because between these book covers are stories about . . .

• a supernatural sea hag that haunts Dobbin’s Gardens marsh on Bell Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.
• a used book from a Barrie, Ontario book shop that conjures up a ghostly figure that accompanies the buyer home.
• a haunted playground at St. Ignatius School in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Haunted Canada 5

In Nunavut, stories are passed down from generation to generation about the tarriassuit, shadow people who are sometimes felt or heard — but never seen except out of the corner of your eye . . . The organ at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Quebec City plays by itself, and Queen Elizabeth II reportedly saw a mysterious figure on the balcony during her visit in 1964 . . . Late at night, after Vancouver’s Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant has closed, a shadowy man in uniform is seen boarding the decommissioned trolley car that sits in the middle of the dining room . . .

With more than 25 terrifying new tales of ghostly encounters and mysterious phenomena, Haunted Canada 5 is guaranteed to keep kids across the country awake and screaming!

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Haunted Canada 4

The popular series of Canadian ghost stories is back and scarier than ever!

An abandoned asylum in Victoria, the most filmed site in Canada, is alive with inexplicable sights and sounds. Multiple men are found decapitated in the woods near the Northwest Territories' Nahanni National Park Reserve . . . over a 50 year period. Guests at the Bytown Museum in Ottawa have heard cries coming from the doll exhibit, and report seeing the dolls move and wink. A mysterious figure stands at the edge of the rocky shores of Peggy's Cove, looking as if she is about to jump.

The ghoulishly good fourth book in the Haunted Canada series is full of more than 25 sinister, unsettling, and absolutely true ghost stories from across the country. Settle in for an evening of hair-raising thrills and chills in this brand-new volume of haunting encounters and unexplained incidents!

Bram Stoker Award-nominee Joel A. Sutherland brings a fresh approach to this favourite scary series.

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Haunted Canada 4 Book Trailer

Note: Haunted Canada 1-3 were written by Pat Hancock.