Joel A. Sutherland

Author, Ghost Hunter, Barbarian Librarian

Short Fiction

Short Fiction

"Fade" in Cemetery Dance Magazine (Issue 67)
"Oh, the Ho-Ho Horror" in Blood Lite II: Overbite (Pocket Books
"Polished Memories" in Shroud Magazine, Issue 7
"The Trees Ran Red" in Northern Haunts (Shroud Publishing)
"Bark and Bite" in Abaculus II (Leucrota Press)
"Again, Iabrochium" in Robots Beyond (Permuted Press)
"Chinese Graveyard" in Read By Dawn: Volume III (Bloody Books)
"Wash-Day Pudding" in Black Petals (Issue 42, Winter 2008)
"Something Fishy This Way Comes" in The Undead: Skin and Bones (Permuted Press)
"The Death of Captain Eugene Bloodcake and the Fall of the Horrid Whore" in Black Sails (1018 Press)

Short Film

Shadows Rising
Written & Directed by Joel A. Sutherland
22 minutes, Super 16mm, 8mm, DV

A man will fall. But his shadow will rise. Shadows Rising sheds light on a dark issue: the Shadow Liberation Movement (SLIM) and its continuing fight against shadow oppression. Shadows of the world unite!

Shadows Rising screened at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto in 2003.